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About Wealth Development Group, LLC

Our Primary Purpose

Our Mission: To create opportunities that help clients add value to their lives.

Our Overarching Goals: To determine what our clients would like to do; to identify the importance of why they want to do it; and to help them uncover potential pathways to accomplishing those goals through a process that is grounded in helping clients achieve their lifestyle objectives by learning how to properly position their resources.

Our Philosophy: To focus on the "Trends", not the "Transactions", so that achieving those stated goals remains the constant objective of our combined efforts.

Our Core Belief: We believe that success comes from creating a partnership with our clients. Working together with full transparency, our clients will learn what we are doing, why we are doing it, and be empowered to understand and take control of their decision making process.

Client Centered

Who We Serve: Wealth Development Group, LLC is committed to providing financial services to clients who own or have access to modest to moderate resources. Whether they are beginning the process of adding value to their lives; growing their resources through their employment, business or professional practice; or using their resources to support them in their retirement years, we are dedicated to providing the level of service and guidance they should be entitled to receive.

Our Methodology: to offer one-on-one personal services on a continuing basis to a community which traditionally depends on remote advisory support from a call desk or generalized advice from a variety of media publications. What they often don't receive is individually designed professional guidance that offers the needed consistency to focus on the design, implementation and monitoring of their action plans.

How We Work

The Foundation of Our Client Relationship: grounded in a commitment to full transparency about what we do and why we do it, the conversation is the key element in building a long term team partnership focused on success. We consider the core of our planning process to be an obligation to help our clients identify the value added benefits they will receive from what they want to do.

Each client is unique and our contribution to their financial well being is to help them position their resources to create opportunities to add value to their lives. Whether personal, family, business or community, the added value for our client is measured by their ability to accomplish, achieve or acquire specific lifestyle goals which enhance their enjoyment of seeing the results of their efforts through the use and application of those resources.

Taking the 1st Steps: Because no two clients are exactly alike we understand that the most important first step in building our relationship is to gather information about who our client is, their relationships with others in their family, business and community; the resources which are currently available to them or may be available in the future; their lifestyle goals and why they are important to them; and their timeline for achieving those goals. This is a process which begins with the questions asked at the initial meeting and continues throughout the relationship, recognizing that things do change over time.

Our role in this relationship is to apply the knowledge and experience we've acquired to help our clients position their resources so that they have the best opportunity for accomplishing their stated goals. This process consists of 4 specific planning components:

  1. defining their current resources, relationships and goals;
  2. documenting the lifestyle goals they desires to accomplish over time;
  3. determining the possible pathways, actions and resources needed to achieve those stated goals; and.
  4. recommending and helping to implement action plans which have the greatest potential for success.

Understanding that there is no guarantee that those goals will be met, we work with our clients to monitor their progress over time so that they can respond to the changing elements which surround them and impact their goals, their resource and their lives. Through this dynamic process we are able to help our clients adjust to these changes and the impact they may have on the plan's implementation.

How We Do It: Using a personalized approach to design a plan, and recognizing that the best chance of success comes from keeping true to that plan as it emerges over time, our focus is to construct action plans which will take into account the ability to diversify resources among a variety of professionally managed investments, avoid unnecessary risks where possible, reduce exposure to unforeseen events and use the attributes of the resources to enhance the delivery of the desired benefit or value whenever it's available.

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